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Wildlife Man Recurve Horse Bow

Wildlife Man

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Wildlife Man Recurve Horse Bow

My Wildlife Man recurve style horse bows are hand crafted for me my a Chinese family that have been hand making bow for four generations. They are available in 40 lb 45 lb and 50lb However I use and believe the 40lb is more than capable and do not suggest new archers over bow/pound when buying a bow.

My Wildlife Man bows take 4 weeks to hand craft and are not mass produced.


The bows can be shot right or left hand, the limbs are constructed of carbon/glass and are extremely strong. The limbs are wrapped in soft tanned pig skin with stress points re-enforced with webbing. Hand grip and tips are hand crafted in timber. Draw up to 31 inches.

These bows are not a toy and extreme care must be taken as arrows shot from these bows can travel a long distance and will have extreme penetration. Targets must be set up in safe locations, preferable with a concrete or brick wall to stop any arrow that misses the target. Proper archery targets can be purchased on ebay that can stop an arrow. Most home backyards are not suitable for safe archery practice. 

 Bow cost $259.00 inc GST and free postage.

I also have had crafted full cow hide leather quivers $79.00 inc gst and free postage.

For new archers a hand crafted cow hide arm guard $ 65.00 inc gst and free postage.

Information on how to string the bow can be found by searching you tube. Proper stringing stops any damage to the bow and also the archer. 


N.B. Arrows are not included.

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