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Autobiography Of The Wildlife Man (free delivery)


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Autobiography Of The Wildlife Man (free delivery)
Autobiography Of The Wildlife Man (free delivery)
Autobiography Of The Wildlife Man (free delivery)

Wildlife Man Book $55.00

The Extraordinary Life of The Wildlife Man

The true action packed life story of David Ireland as known world-wide as the Wildlife Man as seen on Discovery Channel.

Every book is signed and dated by David

Read book review below:

February 18, 2016 12:00am


This is a page-turner if ever there was one.

David Ireland’s life as a filmmaker — his film Crocodile Man is legendary — and wildlife recorder is packed with real life encounters with crocodiles, sea snakes, lions and sharks.

And that’s just for starters.

The book is also brutally frank and honest. He is no superman, but a man who has struggled in his life with the boyhood loss of his father and some of the harshest school years imaginable.

Ireland was bullied and beaten at school. This was a defining period in his life and his story is, in part, informed by his desire to make himself into a man of not only great physical strength but with a very resilient character — something he needed in the wild.

There is much here that will have readers awed. Take Ireland’s encounter with the famed and fearsome Fergus, the mammoth saltwater crocodile that very nearly took his life. It is a riveting chapter. So, too, is the filming of the fabled Jaws-like great white shark that was as dangerous as it was cunning.

Then there are elephants and baboons in Botswana and even Southern Ocean whales. There are also other moments where Ireland recalls his days as a spear fisherman, his exploration of shipwrecks and his unwise body surfing that put him in hospital (and could have easily killed him).The book is assisted by some outstanding colour photographs and these, in a way, tell their own story.

There, in pictures, is the weak-bodied bullied boy and his transformation to the bull-chested strongman. Ireland’s story is part biography and part call to preserve wild animals in their habitat. It is a great read for anyone who likes edge-of-their-seat action and also some quieter moments of reflection

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