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Wildlife Man Shark Film Expeditions Deposit

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Wildlife Man  Shark Film Expeditions Deposit
Wildlife Man  Shark Film Expeditions Deposit
Wildlife Man  Shark Film Expeditions Deposit
Wildlife Man  Shark Film Expeditions Deposit
Wildlife Man  Shark Film Expeditions Deposit

Join me on my Shark Dive Film expeditions to South West Rocks NSW .  October is now fully booked however there are 3 spots left for the 17th November Expedition and 2 spots left for the 12th Jan 2020 expedition. 

Total cost is $1,450.00 ($500 Non-Refundable Deposit to secure your booking).

The expedition is diving the shark gutters around Fish Rocks off the coast of South West Rocks. The depths vary from 15 metres to 30 meters. I have just returned from my last expedition where we encountered many grey nurse sharks on every dive. Many encounters are at extremely close range that allows an opportunity to achieve fantastic video and still photography and research of these amazing sharks.

You can email if you wish.

Take a look at this Film we created on our last expedition.

I film the divers that join me and always gain exceptional video of the divers with the sharks. I also film the divers above water with interviews before and after dives.

I film using the latest Cinema quality 4K video camera’s and use professional underwater lights. I charter a fully surveyed dive charter boat for the 2 x dives per day for 4 days diving.  I dive with my divers on all dives and have a fully qualified and local experienced divemaster as my underwater assistant.

 All dives are nitrox fills, so it is best if my divers gain nitrox certification. That is normally only a half-day course. Nitrox is far safer and allows divers more time underwater and less chance of exhaustion or headaches. Nitrox fills are supplied as well as two tanks per day and weights.

 Film footage achieved is edited into a mini-documentary by a professional editor in a professional film studio. A copy of the films is supplied to the divers joining my expedition. 

 I tell my diver's numerous facts about the shark species and also information on how to use a professional 4K camera rig with lights underwater. On one of the dives, I will supply each diver the chance to actually use my second 4K camera rig underwater.

 Other marine life we may encounter includes:

Humpback Whales: Manta Rays: Sting rays: Bat Rays: Wobbies: Octopus: Groper: Cod: Huge schools baitfish: Pelagic Fish: Scorpion Fish: Crayfish: Loggerhead turtles: Green Turtles: Hawksbill Turtles: Dolphin: Black Corals: Sponges and much much more.

 On the last expedition, we had 50 or more false killer whales riding our boats wake on our way back to the river.

The expedition also includes 5 nights shared accommodation at the South West Rocks Divers centre. You can upgrade to a single room at a very reasonable rate if required.

After dives, I take divers sightseeing around South West Rocks to the lighthouse and the amazing Trial Bay Gaol. No charge for these excursions. We often get the free minibus to the local club at night for a good feed and a few cold beers and a talk about the day of exciting fun we have all experienced.

Total cost is $1,450.00 per diver. I only take 6 divers so be quick guys, it only takes about a week to book out an expedition when I promote on my facebook. 

I have produced over 50 shark films in my long career as the Wildlife Man and have extensive experience as a qualified dive instructor. I hold the following instructor certifications:

N.A.U.I.   F.A.U.I   N.A.S.D.S.  C.M.A.S  I was also the owner of Cronulla Dive School and was awarded the N.A.U.I  Ambassador award for teaching the most number of divers in Australia with a 100% safety record.

I hope you can join me on the 12th Jan 2020,  I promise it will be a once in a lifetime experience.

David Ireland ( The Wildlife Man)


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