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Ocean world 8 x DVD pack


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Ocean world 8 x DVD pack

Ocean World 8 x DVD pack


It has taken me 25 years of my life to produce all the Wildlife Man films contained in the Ocean World pack of DVD`s. The series has been shown to millions on major TV networks including Discovery Channel. It contains a huge diversity of marine animals with some extremely dangerous encounters. My goal with every production was always to educate people about the plight marine life have trying to survive in the modern world and also to showcase creatures with extremely close up encounters always without the protection of cages. The productions were filmed my myself with crew members filming me at the same time, we used SCUBA and  breath hold diving to depths that sometimes exceeded 100 feet while pushing heavy underwater cameras.


 Sometimes things went very wrong -

 For example: I spend days in hospital after being stung by jellyfish, my throat almost closed making it almost impossible to breathe. 


I have had countless encounters with sharks, with some attacks required stitches .I have even had my back broken by a Southern Right whale. My stories are all in my life story book" The Extraordinary Life of the Wildlife Man" You can include a signed copy with any DVD pack if you wish.


The Ocean Word Pack features the following Wildlife Man films: 


SHARK RIDER was filmed in Polynesia and features shark behavior that had never before been recorded, especially some full on attack scenes and a most surprising climax.  


SEA GOD  was filmed in Fiji and features some of the most dangerous bull shark feeding scenes ever achieved without a cage, the climax of the films features a huge bull shark that was very keen to kill David. 


SWIMMING WITH WHALES was all shot by breath hold free diving, incredible humpback whale behavior footage above and below water with amazing footage of new born baby humpbacks


OCEAN GIANTS features action footage of David spearfishing, tiger sharks under his rubber boat and David free diving with huge 17 meter whale sharks filmed at Ningaloo Reef Western Australia


GIANT MORAY EEL was filmed at Christmas island in the Indian Ocean, it features many endemic species only found on the island and some incredibly dangerous hand feeding of a huge leopard eel. 


CREATURES OF THE DEEP was filmed on the Great Barrier Reef and features a huge diversity of marine species, especially giant cod, sea snakes, turtles and deep ocean caves and even a shipwreck. 


SWIMMING WITH THE DEVIL features David and his wife Susan as they go in search of a huge devil fish, they explore World War 2 shipwrecks in the Solomon islands and strange head hunter islands with human skulls. 


ANCIENT PREDATORS features David working with huge bull sting rays and actually showing how they strike with their lethal barbed tails, The film was shot years before the tragic death of Steve Irwin. 


ANCIENT PREDATORS also features David diving shipwrecks and hand feeding the fastest ambushing shark in the ocean. The film was shot along the NSW coast of Australia.



Ocean World is fantastic value at only $119.99 with free postage. David signs and every disc.

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