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Hunting films and hunting knife package

Wildlife Man

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Hunting films and hunting knife package
Hunting films and hunting knife package

My Hunting films and knife package includes 3 Wildlife Man hunting films as shown on Discovery Channel and a quality Cold Steel folding hunting knife.

The films include:

" Bush Beasts" 

A Wildlife Man film that features David Ireland hunting feral goats, foxes, rabbits, huge wild boars and even scrub bulls. David hunts with knife, bow and arrows and rifle.

" Wild Boars of the Australian Outback"

This film also features David Ireland hunting boars of Cape York and a variety of native animal encounters.

" Wild Boar Attack" 

One of David`s most dangerous films he has ever produced, it features David trying to track down a huge boar responsible for attacking and almost killing an Aboriginal elder. The action is not for the faint hearted.

All films are supplied on DVD and the complete DVD/Knife package is delivered with free postage. Allow 15 days delivery.

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