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David Ireland is the Wildlife Man

David Ireland is the original Crocodile Man, having played the role in the film of the same name.The Crocodileman movie was shown world-wide on Discovery Channel and in some Cinemas in Australia for a record 12 months.The film was one of the most dangerous wildlife films ever produced back in 1989. The story of the Blood Drain and how David Ireland came close to being killed by a huge crocodile can be found in David`s Wildlife Man Book. After Crocodileman, David launched his series of 24 one hour Wildlife Man documentaries, these amazing films feature a huge diversity of wildlife and have gained massive world-wide exposure to literally millions on major networks including Discovery Channel USA .David has devoted his life to showcase the plight native animals face trying to survive in the modern world. Hi career has been a long and hard one however, he has had his ribs smashed by a wild boar, his back broken by a whale and came close to losing his life on the rim of an active volcano. His full story is in his Wildlife Man Book, available on this shopping channel. Your support allows David to continue making his action packed Wildlife films.You can watch hundreds of short video clips from the Wildlife Man films on the Wildlife Man YouTube Channel. see: