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The Outback Pack ( 7 x DVD`s)


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The Outback Pack ( 7 x DVD`s)
The Outback Pack ( 7 x DVD`s)

The Outback Pack represents awesome value as it contains seven Wildlife Man films as shown on Discovery Channel. They include: 


Wildlife Boy

My son was only 11 years old when I took him to the outback and taught him about Australian wildlife including snakes, lizards, monitors and even deadly scorpions. After weeks in the outback it was time for me to teach Jason to SCUBA dive and take him underwater so he could encounters a range of marine animals, including small sharks and giant cuttlefish. Wildlife Boy rated highly world-wide on major TV networks including Discovery Channel USA and Channel Nine Australia.


Outback Serpents

Has been watched my countless millions around the world on major networks including Discovery Channel. It features David Ireland exploring outback Australia and Cape York in his quest to encounter Australian snakes. Perfect viewing for the whole family. 


Treasure in Paradise

This Wildlife Man film was one of David`s most dangerous films to produce. David travels to war torn East Timor in his quest to film some of the most exotic marine and jungle animals. Encounters include viper snakes, huge water buffalo,strange deep sea fish that can walk, a massive python that can swallow a monkey and extremely dangerous criminals. 



Surviving Africa

its a must have Wildlife Man DVD that can be enjoyed by the whole family. David travels to Sabi Sabi on his quest to get up close and dangerous with Africa`s most amazing animals, including Lion: Leopard: Elephant: Hippo: Rhino: Cape Buffalo: Giraffe: Wart Hog: and Rock Pythons. Filmed in stunning full HD  


Cold Blooded Australians 


It was filmed in some of Australia`s most arid wilderness regions. David Ireland encounters some extremely rare and exotic animals that survive in the most extreme conditions. Outback temperatures can drop below zero and rise to over 50 degrees. The encounters and scenery in this Wildlife Man film can only be described as amazing.


Searching for Dragons

Filmed in the Australian Outback Filming Monitors and many other amazing creatures


Desert Ghosts 

This Wildlife Man film features David Ireland searching the outback for Desert Ghosts, huge feral wild camels that roam the wilderness. David also shows his skills at  "Horse Whispering" A wonderful way of taming wild stallions. David and his old aboriginal mate hunting fish and crayfish.




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